Chris Mark Castle Hand Painted Suite Ceiling in Woodstock, Connecticut Chris Mark Castle .

The Mark Family

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Christopher Mark

From an early age, Christopher Mark's philanthropic spirit began to manifest itself. As a young boy, Chris nurtured his interest in making quality items fit for sale in his local area. From selling painted rocks to creating toy figurines in the suburbs surrounding Chicago, Christopher's inventiveness continued into adulthood. As a teenager, Chris founded Mark Miniatures. The company produced exclusive collections of collectible, hand-painted figurines of various themes and periods of time. Chris Mark continued to produce the lead-cast figurines for over 20 years. At the company's peak, the figurines were offered in catalogues such as Bergdorf Goodman as well as other exclusive retail sales channels. The gift sets produced then remain highly sought after by miniature collectors around the globe. As a descendant of the legendary steel pioneer, Clayton Mark, Chris remains driven to create and bring his visions to life. In the early 2000s, Christopher's ingenuity and inventive nature guided him to draft plans for a 35,000 square foot castle estate in the mystical forestland of Woodstock, Connecticut.

Philanthropist - Visionary 

Clayton Mark

Clayton Mark's legacy of innovation, invention and genius continues to transcend time through varying industries across the globe to this day. By utilizing unique ways of crafting steel pipe, water wells and many other elements of infrastructural architecture, Clayton Mark remains recognized as a pioneering titan of his time. At the peak of Clayton Mark's industrious explorations, his companies employed over 20,000 American Citizens. This fact lead Mark to draft plans for a company town called Mark Town. The town stands today as a recognized and protected historical monument to the success of the industrial revolution in East Chicago, Indiana. 

Clayton Mark Historic Photograph of Clay

Titan of Industry - Pioneer