Cerberus, the Greatest Gatekeeper

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Cerberus is the Chris Mark Castle's Royal German Shepard.

Referred to as Cerb' around the castle, this cooky canine remains ever vigilant of all who enter or leave from the castle and surrounding grounds.

His shiny black coat is no stranger to the adventure of a quick dip in the Lake Potter or a muddy game of fetch!

Fun fact: Less than 7% of all German Shepards on the Earth feature all black coats of fur, like Cerb's!

Many people may think of the German Shepard as your local police force's favorite order taker.

This is due to the breeds attentive nature and desire to have a purpose.

German Shepards are also sought after for their intelligence.

The breed exemplifies the K9's potential to perform an ever broadening spectrum of tasks.

Although these wolf-like dogs can only be traced back to the year 1899, they continue to create timeless relationships with owners and communities alike.

Here at the Chris Mark Castle, things simply wouldn't be the same without Cerberus.

He's trusted as a great judge a character, groundskeeper and greeter!

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