Abu's Great Journey

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Abu began her career as a royal camel in early June of 2020.

Since then she has blossomed interests in gardening and taking long walks around Lake Potter.

Among her many new friends at the Chris Mark Castle, her favorite is definitely Cerberus.

Although an unlikely friendship, the moments created between Abu and 'Cerb' (the castle's royal German Shepard) are as timeless as they are plentiful.

In-between grazing, making memories with visitors and strutting her hump around, Abu enjoys special treats.

On occasion, Abu is known to proudly indulge in a banana or two.

She also enjoys the odd avocado or mango.

Even the starkest of characters would find a smile on their face upon meeting Abu's grinning mug.

As a dromedary camel, Abu's back features one hump.