Chris Mark Castle | Cedric and Alysia

Film Director Michael Rooney has cast the Chris Mark Castle to star in his latest production, Cedric and Alysia. A five part web series inviting viewers to engross themselves in the devious tales of the The Covenant Saga!

Ripe with passages of miscreant malice, bewildering betrayal, and sword swinging saviors; Cedric and Alysia is sure to tickle your nostalgic longings for more dungeons, more shining armor, and more horses! The castle's royal camel duo, Abu and Habibi may even make their own cinematic debut!

Michael's motion picture will gravitate around Sir Cedric Vale, a fully trained Knight of Covenant. Destined to protect a Baron's beloved from assailing assassins, Cedric's honor and loyalty to his roots are put to the test.

Director Michael Rooney and his team are even offering generous gifts and medieval themed merchandise to backers of series's campaign.