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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Are you seeking a unique panoramic view of Woodstock's beautiful woodlands? Well, you're only one spectacular ascent away from the breathtaking view available at the top of the Chris Mark Castle!

The dream inspiring sight to see offers its own perspective from the castle's tallest tower. With handcrafted curved glass from the floor to the ceiling, visitors are enveloped in a panoramic view of the castle estate. The walls enclosing the scenic lounge create a powerful observational experience of nature's galleria. An unforgettable, aerial view showcases Lake Potter and the surrounding forestland with fairytale styling.


The Chris Mark Castle's observation dome remains a shining landmark throughout all four of New England's seasons. The eponymous monument stands as a modern day testimony to what is possible when an ingenious vision becomes a reality. Although inaccessible via the castle's elevators, the dome can be entered through a suspended spiraling staircase accessed through the castle's keep. The lyrical design of the handcrafted, curved glass panels translates nature's expanse with grace rarely available at such heights.

The iconic dome also offers an unparalleled view of the four stories beneath it. The hexagonal glass centerpiece in the floor allows visitors to view to a grand bedroom suite. From the bed in the suite over 40 feet below the dome, one can count the stars overhead before comfortably dosing off to sleep. The jaw dropping spectacle of the castle befits such such an incredible photo opportunity.

Photographs aside, the resonance of your own voice in the dome is truly alien. The curvature of the tower's bending walls provides an acoustic experience beyond the common imagination. From inside or out, the architectural marvel embodies the spirit of elegance and inventiveness. A commanding view and a dominating vibration exist in perpetuity in the dome's magnificent cupola.


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As an integral component to the castle's facade, there is no wondering why the architectural marvel simply wouldn't be complete without it. An elevated, temple-like sanctum existing above the mundanity of life at ground level. A view typically earned with wings, that in turn; provides you with some of your own via the inspiration it may strike in your heart.

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