Chris Mark Castle | The Sky Inside

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The sky serves as a marvelously idyllic ceiling to the great outdoors as well as the indoors of the Chris Mark Castle! Beyond its actual presence in the castle's apex, Earth's own wondrous cover is replicated throughout the landmark's anatomy. From the Chris Mark Castle's greeting foyer, to the panoramic kitchen overlooking Lake Potter; the sky cradles visitors from overhead. Artisanally hand-painted tufts of cotton candy clouds create an added dimension to the Castle's whimsical atmosphere.

The ceiling's organic motifs are complimented by accompanying sculptural lighting as well as their placement throughout the estate. The frescoes accentuate the strikingly thoughtful design elements and most inspiring features of the Chris Mark Castle. Be it the ceiling coves over the main dining area or the dusky skyline depicted in the rotunda kitchen, the mixed hues evoke feelings of a strikingly beautiful symbiosis between the castle and the surrounding grounds. The classic grace provided by the sky scenes crafts an elevating dynamism when paired with the modern flare of the castle's other unique architectural accompaniments.

"There is no magic in magic, it's all in the details." - Walt Disney

A fanciful attitude emanates from the ceramic colored clouds, often framed by hand-tooled mahogany or ebony cornices. A vibration of elegance is carried further by the blushing glow from the custom crafted sconces found throughout the castle's interior. There exists no doubt that the ceiling's murals enhance the space's ability to make a dramatically transformative statement to anyone underfoot. One's eyes are often mesmerized by the sheer variety of sights available both within and, outside of the Chris Mark Castle in Woodstock, Connecticut.


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