Christina's TikTok Extravaganza!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The year is 2020 and short form content is dominating!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other type of social media remain at the apex of why people love their smart phones.

Rising above the largest monolithic feed and sharing apps is TikTok!

Christina Mark has found her own groove on the video sharing app.

By fielding the trending themes and showcasing the castle in her own unique way; Christina has grown on the platform with her fans.

She takes pride in approaching each video as an opportunity to showcase her authentic self, and provide an entertaining insight into her life.

With fun music tracks, interesting transition methods and show stopping scenery; her exuberant approach to entertaining her following continues to inspire intrigue here at the castle.

It appears that the sky is no longer the limit and the boundaries of presenting our imaginations no longer exist as an obstacle.

Check out Christina Mark's TikTok by clicking here or by clicking the TikTok Logo in this article!

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