The Castle's Fleets!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Did you know that the Chris Mark Castle is an official filming location recognized by the state of the Connecticut?

It's true, you can view that castle's listing in the state's directory by visiting this link.

Beyond the castle's impressive architecture, fun animal friends, great company and stunning austerity, are some reMARKable motorized toys!

Just as a Hollywood movie studio would have exotic vehicles on hand to set a scene's tone, the castle offers a very similar caliber of variety.

A collection of mega buses, stretch limousines, retired military tanks, an army of ambulances, firetrucks, excavators, dump trucks, fuel tankers, tractor trailer trucks, ATVs, and an ever expanding series of all-terrain vehicles are available for staging and operation here at the Chris Mark Castle!

Even monolithic cranes and amphibious armored vehicles are prepared for lights, camera and action!

There are seemingly endless options as one's boundless imagination begins to toil with the filming potential and opportunities conveniently located here at the castle.

With costume's from the in-house costume and tailoring suite, the ever evolving potential of this boiling pot of artistic expression and creativity remains limitless!

Although, there is plenty of fun to be had on land, the fun continues into what's possible on water!

A series of boats, kayaks, paddle-boards, seajoggers, surf bikes, pontoons and more exists on the estate to explore the expanses of Lake Potter!

Cerberus certainly knows just how enjoyable all of the aquatic amenities!

He can frequently be found basking in the sun's glory on the stretching bed of a pontoon boat.

The barking shadow is also known to invite himself on kayak expeditions or paddle-board excursions, making takeoff much more entertaining AND exciting!

Upon deciding to create content here at the castle, rest assured that the tools for success, especially those needed for achieving the inconceivable, are all here for you.

Powered by diesel, wind, water or belief; the gear to get the job done exists here!

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