Chris Mark Castle | Welcome!

Updated: Jul 8

Welcome to the Chris Mark Castle's website! Here, you can view pictures of the Chris Mark Castle in Woodstock, Connecticut. You can also view the castle's blog entries and learn more about the Mark Family by exploring

On the website's newest page, a brief overview of what is possible at the castle can be found. By clicking the circular images listed below the service's title, visitors are redirected to a multi-page submission form found on the website's contact page.

The castle invites artists to submit their own visions for what is possible via the form. The Chris Mark Castle can also be found on the State of Connecticut's official filming locations index. To view the estate there, simply click this sentence. With no boundaries or limitations, content creators from around the world have successfully used the castle's assets to elevate the quality of their latest productions.

From instagram influencers like Kiel James Patrick and Kate Dros, to musicians like Boombox Cartel, the castle has served as an amazing stage for live performances or meet and greets alike. With an expansive variety of staging locations, props and auxiliary vehicles, the castle offers producers the tools needed for a unique creative process to unfold.

Click this sentence to learn castle facts and score exclusive views of the castle inside and out!