Habibi Joins the Party!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Habibi arrived to the Chris Mark Castle this October.

Abu's welcoming charm instantly fostered a comfortable home for the bactrian calf.

The exotic duo have quickly formed a close bond amongst the Mark family.

Together, the pair enjoy the camel-centric amenities of the castle's grounds.

As a female, it's obvious that Abu nourishes Habibi's spirit in a motherly way.

Even though they are both camels, they are very different.

Abu is a dromedary camel, the tallest camels on planet earth.

Habibi is a bactrian camel, the heaviest camels on the planet.

Although the amount of humps that they carry on their backs may be different, the bond they have already created is second to none.

Together the pair entertain Cerberus on long walks around the lake, or the occasional forest hiking expedition.

Feasting on native plants here, soaking in the fall foliage and enjoying delicious fruity treats; the pair bring happiness to everyone lucky enough to cross their path.

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