Lights, Camera, Music!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

The Chris Mark Castle is no stranger to groovy sounds and funky beats!

Inside or outside, the castle has always been a hotspot for musical shindigs and live sessions!

Whether on the in-house performance arts stage, or outside amongst the trees and the geese; the estate welcomes all musicians to showcase their talents here on site!

With no shortage of unique rostrum placements, the castle compliments and elevates nearly any genre of music.

Most recently, the Castle hosted the BoomBox Cartel at dusk on a staged platform right above the castle's main bridge entrance.

With the turrets lit colorfully and the speakers booming their loudest, the vibrating spectacular echoed across the lake and into the surrounding forest.

The Boombox Cartel Live from Los Angeles

Turntables, broadcast cameras, drones and more captured the exciting exhibition resulting in an extraordinary testament to what's possible here at the Chris Mark Castle.

One may never expect such luxurious venue accompaniments to exist right in the mystical woodlands of Woodstock, Connecticut.

You can catch the polished production's debut on the Cartel's website, or instagram page this October 31st!

All in all, it would be much easier to imagine what isn't possible at this incredible location, as opposed to what is possible.

In this era of independent content creation, there is simply no predicting who's next to join the castle's portfolio of hosted greatness.

If you think your band or art could be complimented by the locale, visit our contact page to introduce yourself and your vision.

A representative will promptly return your inquiry, so dream on!

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