Chris Mark Castle | One Royal Holiday

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Recently, the Hallmark filming crew found the castle to be a prime locale for the studio's upcoming film: One Royal Holiday.

The group found themselves welcomed with opened arms as production staging went underway.

The film is set to debut this month, on Halloween evening at 8pm EST.

Interestingly enough, the Chris Mark Castle is even featured front and center on the film's cover art.

A tale of royal roots and budding love, the movie was mostly filmed in various locations around Woodstock, Connecticut.

Known for television classics like The Christmas Card, The Lost Valentine and A Country Wedding; Crown Media definitely has a knack for keeping viewers entertained.

There is no telling what other filming opportunities will arise for the castle in the future.

One thing is for certain, the estate is saturated with cinematic potential.

From the high tower to the welcoming turrets, no part of Chris Mark Castle is camera shy.

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