Welcome to the
Chris Mark Castle

The Chris Mark Castle commands the land around historic Potter Pond. Fit for the contemporary king, this architectural wonder is accessible via two different stone bridges. Upon crossing between towering turrets, the natural stone pathways guide visitors over a deep moat that surrounds the entire estate. Through the gate facing threshold, an expansive dining area serves to greet all with stunning austerity and elegance. Masterfully painted scenes of the sky's own clouds lie framed by hand toiled molding constructed into the ceiling overhead. Just beyond the breathtaking dining area one may behold a panoramic lakeview from the castle's massive hosting kitchen. An exotic plant nursery, home theatre and complete performing arts stage exist on the castle's ground floor. A fully equipped audio recording studio connects to a fully functioning clothing design and tailoring space. ​Taking the elevator up two floors will land one onto a floor of luxuriously outfitted suites. ​Saunas, granite surfaced bathing rooms and towering bedrooms all feature stunning views of the property's manicured forestland. ​Ascending even higher, brings one to the castle's highest point. An all glass observation tower unleashes the mystique of the lake and surrounding foliage. 


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